Jen Rudolph
Jen Rudolph
Creator of The 2% Signature System™



+ How old do I have to be to have a consultation with you?

I see ages 18 and up

+ Do you do Skype consultations?

No. I prefer to sit with you in person.

+ Can I come and see you if I am a complete newbie with no training?

As much as I love newbies, these sessions are for those who have had training and are ready to start meeting the industry now. I strongly recommending joining ELEVATE and immmersing yourself in the content as well as attending Activated Actor classes in NYC at AGR.

+ Can I record our session?

No, but you can take notes and I will speak slowly :) I also take a lot of notes while we are talking and send them all to you.

+ Can I bring a friend and/or child with me to our meeting?


+ Can I use a credit that I have from an AGR intensive towards this consultation?

No you cannot.