Jen Rudolph
Jen Rudolph
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$35 per month or $300 per year

School is in session all year round. ELEVATE is every working actor’s roadmap.

No matter where you are in the world, I have created an online platform that gives you all the tools that you need to become a working actor. Tools that you can use from the comfort of your own home whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, a smaller market or virtually anywhere.

Our online master classes and other offerings teach you to shift your mindset into that of a business owner (of you) and to become a CEO. You will discover what your “product” is, who your “customers”are and how to parlay that into a successful career. At the same time, by developing a strong inner game, identifying your core beliefs, shifting your perceptions, examining feedback and having ongoing 24/7 support from your mentors and likeminded artists, you will find the success you seek. You will also get 15% off almost all AGR brick and mortar classes as well as $50 casting director workshops.

The Consult


(includes 45 min in-person session and email follow up)

In 45 minutes, we will go through the 6 steps of my 2% Signature System. You will leave with a clear understanding of the 2% premium mindset, with an understanding of where you are relevant in the market, have a perfected pitch and package (including sides to use for workshops), a specific trajectory and touch on representation mastery. I will give you a prescription to fulfill and once you do we will regroup and perfect your package.

2 day 2% signature system workshop


Designed for actors who have already had a CONSULT.

Spend 12 hours with me and 15 actors as I take you through my 2% Signature System, offer laser hot seat coaching which lends itself to expedited tribe learning, and asses limitations as to provide breakthroughs as to why you’re not “flying off the shelves.”

The 2% signature system mastermind group


*Inquire for price info (held 2x a year)

Designed for actors with advanced training who are immersed in the world of auditioning and classes.

My most advanced program.

Spend 6 MONTHS with me and 15 other actors as we travel through the 6 steps of my 2% Signature System. This program is not for the faint of heart as it is one of implementation and constant strategic innovation and razor sharp feedback. Together we build the ultimate container which is how a coal becomes a diamond. Pressure, time, the ultimate breakthrough.

This program includes:

  • 1 VIP day with me

  • 2 online classes with me a month

  • On the spot laser coaching with me on updated materials, upcoming auditions, class videos and more

  • A private Facebook group which provides exponential growth and tribe learning and community

  • Unlimited group VOXER access and private access to me for the first 45 days

  • Hand-picked casting director workshops, agent and manager nights

“start me up”1 on 1 package

Designed for actors who are just starting out and/or are coming back to the business and want my undivided attention.

Over the course of 6 MONTHS, we will dive into my 2% Signature System and make sure that your marketing is 100% optimized.

This program includes:

  • 1 VIP day with me

  • Headshots with a top photographer

  • A new website designed by a top designer

  • A 1 minute scene conceptualized and shot by REELARC

  • A new reformatted resume

  • An electronic press kit

  • On the spot laser coaching with me on updated materials, upcoming auditions, class videos and more

  • Unlimited VOXER access to me

  • Access to ELEVATE

  • Access to my 2% Mastermind Group Facebook Group